Linux Training : 1. Beginning Linux user training

New Linux Users Begin Here

This is the starting point for a new FOOBAR INC Linux employee to get up to speed on the policy, theory and techniques of how FOOBAR INC uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Throughout this document you will find sections

like this one

that have exercises pertaining to the material just covered. Be sure to complete these — ask for help if you need it! — so that you have a good foundation in using Linux and with our procedures by the time you are finished.

Introduction to FOOBAR INC Linux Systems

Linux systems are a modern variant of UNIX systems. They are highly securable, very robust platforms for servers, desktops and a plethora of other computing platforms. The Linux system is designed around multi-user, network-centric ideas so they are ideal platforms for every computer purpose.
At FOOBAR INC, Linux systems are the main platform for the computational clusters, the desktop environment for the SIS developers and admins, as well as the server environment for the high-level admin tools like Spacewalk and the core products for FOOBAR INC customers.
This training program is designed to take a novice Linux user, someone who has never used Linux before, and rapidly immerse them in the environment with practical examples and exercises.

Linux training goals

The intended goal is to transition a novice to being a productive Linux user in a 2 week training process.


From this point, work through the sections below in the order presented. There are exercises scattered throughout the training guide that you need to work fully.

Ask questions

Some of this material is esoteric and some is just ancient carryovers from when dinosaurs ruled the earth. So ask questions when things are not clear. Especially ask questions if you get stuck on an exercise. Not all solutions are readily apparent at the beginning.


Yes. There is a series of short test projects. Some are at the ends of large section and there is an entire section that just tests. These are crucial. They help tie all the knowledge together.


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